Mommy Makeover Surgery

For many women, the instinct is to care for their families over their own needs. Intensive work-out routines are not enough to remove loose stretched out skin, stubborn fatty deposits through the hip and thigh area, or restore fullness in the breasts. These are all problems that surgery can help correct. This body rejuvenation process after pregnancy, popularly referred to as a “mommy makeover,” involves three procedures: 1) a breast lift with or without implants, 2) abdominal repair, and 3) body contouring with liposuction. In most cases these procedures can be done in one surgery with one recovery.

Body Contouring

The abdomen is the most critical element in this process. Stretch marks occur from tearing of the skin. Fatty tissue accumulates as a protective layer that fails to recede. The underlying muscles have usually been separated and thinned by the projecting uterus. This widens the waistline and prevents the abdomen from flatten. The abdominal repair, or abdominoplasty, must be tailored to each woman’s requirements. Many patients require removal of excess skin along with muscle repair and liposuction. Previously, abdominoplasty was associated with a long healing process, but the Saldanha technique allows for maximum fat and skin removal with a shorter recovery process. It narrows the waistline and flattens the abdominal wall. Patients who require a muscle repair but only a small amount of skin removal may qualify for a minimal-access endoscopicassist abdominoplasty, a new approach to minimize the scar but with the same benefit of a traditional technique. Some patients with only a very small amount of excess fat and skin will require only a mini-abdominoplasty. We will be able to tailor a procedure to meet your needs.

Breast Enhancement

The breasts also benefit from the makeover process. If there is just loss of volume, then implants, either saline or silicone can be used to restore fullness. A variety of implant styles including the anatomic “gummy-bear” implants are available for select patients, as well as endoscopic, minimal-access procedures for appropriate breast augmentation candidates. In addition, fat grafting to improve contours of the breasts that may not be adequately treated with implants is also offered. We utilize a different technique in breast lifting. We use a limited-scar technique. For women who do not want an increase in volume, the Auto-Implant procedure redistributes the sagging breast tissue into the upper chest area. So for the woman who wants the appearance of an implant without an implant, there is now a viable option.

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