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Fat, unlike synthetic fillers, is a true graft, and like any other tissue graft from the same individual (or identical twin), will not be rejected or resorbed. The fact that fat allows blood vessels to f low into it and nerves to go through it is unique. Also, within the fat harvest are a hidden treasure – regenerative cells – cells that have the ability to restore the health of the surrounding tissues. More than just a “plumper,” fat has been demonstrated to enhance the quality of the overlying skin and take on the form of the tissue into which it has been injected.

How fat is used, however, is critical to its success. The donor site on the body, the extraction method, the handling of these delicate cells, and the method and location of placement must be done with precision and careful consideration.

The PureGraft System from Cytori ™ is an option preferred by some doctors. The fat grafts are always kept in a closed system to avoid exposure to air contamination. Cytori’s unique Cellbrush Delivery System ™ allows a more precise f low of the fat droplets into the tissues.

Facial rejuvenation, in particular, has benefited from autologous fat grafting procedures. To merely tighten the facial tissues – muscle and skin layers – does not restore the fullness of youth. Fat is the ideal substance to eliminate hollow eyes, temples, and cheekbones. Even around the mouth, including the lips and marionette lines, will benefit, as well as the jaw itself. The skin quality also improves – a youthful glow is restored.

Fat grafts are also useful for breast augmentation, but especially during breast reconstruction. Implants are still useful, of course, but areas of the upper bust and over the breastbone can be best served by fat grafting. Moreover, fat grafting over implants in breast reconstruction following mastectomy improves the outcome considerably. A layer of fat softens the appearance and feel of the reconstructed breast.

Even buttocks can benefit from fat grafting for augmentation for individuals who so desire. Implants approved for buttock augmentation in the US are quite firm, difficult to insert and are not without a formidable complication rate. Fat is the ideal substance to thicken the gluteal muscles, which have a rich blood supply to provide for the droplets of fat interspersed.

There is no substitute for a healthy diet and exercise; however, areas of fat that are unwanted can often be of pretty good use – do not waste it, transfer it!

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