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When Should You Consider Facelift Surgery?

When you see photos of yourself, are you shocked to find that signs of aging on your face are making you look much older than your actual age? Do you feel young in spirit, but wish your facial appearance better matched your youthful nature? Are you frustrated with sagging skin, wrinkles, lines, hollow pockets, jowls and other signs of aging throughout all areas of your face?

If you can relate to the sentiments above, it may help to know that you are not the only one who feels this way. Regrettably, everyone experiences the effects of the natural aging process at one time or another. As time goes on, the cells in our body produce less and less elastin and collagen, proteins that are crucial for healthy, younger-looking skin. A lack of elastin and collagen ultimately causes skin to lose its elasticity, leading to loose, drooping skin. Also, fat migrates to undesirable regions of the face, and facial muscles lose their tone. These developments result in noticeable signs of aging on the face. In addition, overexposure to the sun, hereditary traits and lifestyle choices such as smoking can accelerate facial aging.

Thankfully, there is a solution: Undergo facelift surgery in Campbell with Silicon Valley plastic surgeon R. Laurence Berkowitz. Dr. Berkowitz performs facelift surgery to eliminate excess skin and fat from facial areas as well as to repair weak facial muscles and underlying tissues. With facelift surgery, Dr. Berkowitz can help stave off the visible signs of facial aging.

More About Facelift

“Less is more.”
– Mies van der Rohe, Bauhaus Architect and Designer

Americans are living longer, are spending additional years in the workforce and are enjoying more productive lives than ever before in history. But when the mirror does not reflect the youthfulness that you may expect to see, you have several options for facial rejuvenation.

Depending on the degree of facial aging that has taken place, a simple “tidying up” may suffice. This involves removing excess skin through minimal and well-concealed incisions. At the same time, a strategic redistribution of fat (through relocation or suspension and through structural fat grafting) can restore a youthful appearance in a way that tissue tightening alone cannot accomplish.

It is important to recognize that facelift surgery requires an ample amount of planning and is fulfilled through multiple steps affecting many different tissues structures: the muscle layers; both the deep and superficial fatty layers; the skin; and even the overlying skin, which may require texturing.

In addition, in cases of more extreme tissue laxity, it is not uncommon to require a second procedure to further suspend and tighten the skin. It is important to recognize this before undertaking this life-changing procedure. Dr. Berkowitz advises patients in advance if he feels that the patient is more likely to require a secondary procedure, particularly in regard to rejuvenating the look of the neck.

There is no substitute for a carefully planned and executed procedure. Done properly, the facelift procedure is time consuming and requires meticulous attention to detail. Hastily performed facelifts tend to lack the finesse of a more carefully crafted procedure. Full facial rejuvenation for one patient can often represent an entire day’s work for Dr. Berkowitz.

Facelift surgery is an example of an architectural process that can add a decade of youthfulness to your look. The important principle to follow is that the most subtle results usually look the best. “Overdone” is never a good look and should be avoided.

Furthermore, facelift surgery, above all other cosmetic procedures, must provide patients with a look that is appropriate for their age. You always want to look the best that you can for your generation, and never look inappropriate for your age.

More About Rejuvenating the Neck Area

Facial rejuvenation is about restoring fullness to the areas of the face that have lost volume — hence the renewed interest in and success with fat grafting — whereas neck rejuvenation is about creating angles. Reforming the angles along the jaw and under the chin is critical to achieving successful neck rejuvenation results.

Merely removing fat from the neck, as is done with liposuction, fails to create the needed angles and may, in fact, be deleterious to the final results. Removing too much fat from the neck in an attempt to correct the sagging tissues, without performing face and neck lift, is counterproductive. In these situations in which the fat removal in the neck area has been “overdone,” it can be almost impossible to restore a smooth neck contour with properly distributed fat. Thus, it is best to avoid this scenario completely. Likewise, it has been Dr. Berkowitz’s observation that attempts to tighten the neck skin with the use of lasers often result in adverse scarring due to thermal injury, which can be extremely difficult, if not impossible, to correct.

The process of rejuvenating the face and neck is about achieving balance. If too much fat has been removed from the neck or if the tissues in the neck have been overly tightened, the neck will not look in balance with a fuller face, and vice versa. In addition, when lifting the tissues in the face and neck area, a smooth transition from the neck to the face must be apparent, or the results will look justifiably artificial.

Turning Back the Hands of Time: Where Do You Begin?

You might be surprised — and happy— to know that you have already begun your journey to achieving a more youthful facial appearance. By considering facelift surgery as a way to improve signs of aging on the face, you have shown that you are well on your way to “turning back the hands of time.”

You may be wondering what to do next. It’s easy: Your next step is to schedule an appointment to find out if you are a suitable candidate for traditional facelift surgery.

This step is integral to attaining a natural, rejuvenated look throughout the face, because only a highly trained, board-certified plastic surgeon with substantial experience can properly determine facelift candidacy. For instance, you may think that facelift surgery is your only facial rejuvenation option. However, Dr. Berkowitz offers several treatment options, including modified facelift techniques that require less downtime than traditional facelift and nonsurgical cosmetic treatment options such as BOTOX injectable treatment. After evaluating your individual cosmetic concerns and distinct facial structure, Dr. Berkowitz may recommend a treatment plan that had not occurred to you but is better suited to help you accomplish your surgical objectives.

Start on Your Way to Facial Rejuvenation Today!

Dr. Berkowitz can help you quickly combat signs of facial aging. Simply schedule a consultation with him to start on your way to facial rejuvenation today! To arrange a private consultation, or to learn more about traditional facelift surgery, please contact the practice of Dr. Berkowitz by calling (408) 559-7177 now.

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