Patient Testimonials for Dr. Berkowitz

We are dedicated to providing patients with attentive, compassionate care; exceptional surgical skill; and outstanding aesthetic results. We strive to exceed our patients’ expectations, from the moment they walk into our practice for an initial consultation to their last postoperative follow-up appointment.

With this in mind, we invite prospective patients to review the following testimonials from patients who are finding new joy and self confidence in their improved self.


“Dr. Berkowitz! I have been his patient for over ten years during which time I have had three major procedures on my face and throat. I couldn’t be happier with the results and definitely concur with the positive remarks in the other reviews. Dr. B and his staff are caring and professional in every sense of the word. More than once over the years, and especially with the most recent work on my neck, I feel that Dr. Berkowitz has given me a ‘new lease on life.’””

“This hands down is my most personal yelp review. But I must pay homage and give a big kudos to Dr. Berkowitz and his staff for their unprecedented work. He is truly a master of his craft and an artist!

“I was in the market to get a mammaplasty (Breast reduction). I had a breast augmentation when I was 18 years old and grew very late in life on top of that. I went from a 36A/B to 36DD, 10 years later. I have a very petite frame and I looked extremely top heavy and overweight. I shopped the top 10 plastic surgeons in California, and Dr. Berkowitz was the only doctor that gave me the option to take my implants completely out. All the other doctors were insistent on taking out my implants and replacing them with smaller implants. Dr. Berkowitz assured me that I had enough natural breast tissue that he could lift and perform his ‘Belted Technique’, resulting in small perky and natural look. I am beyond ecstatic and elated with my results. He took 7lbs off my chest (literally) and looks like I lost 50lbs. I over all look and feel like a new person, my life is forever changed because of Dr. B. I am now a 36B/C, and they are so perfect, it’s mind blowing! I can’t wait to run/workout without back pain. I will no longer be self conscious, feel top heavy/ uncomfortable, or feel degraded for being overly ‘busty’.

“Dr. B and his staff were flawless throughout the entire process. From my first consultation; to pre-op, operation, and post-op. Dr. B’s bedside manner is unparallel to any other experience I have ever had. He called me from home every night for the first week to make sure I was ok, he genuinely is a sweet man and wants nothing but perfect results for his patients. He had a “cooling system” device delivered to my home, so I could ice my chest throughout my recovery. He also prescribes a medication that you take before surgery, so you don’t come out of anesthesia feeling like you got hit by a bus. I felt so safe and comfortable with his staff, everyone from front office staff to his nurses; Kathy, Sabrina, Cecilia, and Virgina are AMAZING & delightful!!! I feel like I am a part of their family and will never forget this experience as long as I live. It was very refreshing and humbling that a plastic surgeon encouraged me to go the NATURAL route. I finally feel like I wasn’t just another dollar sign to a doctor. Less is more ladies… Au Naturel. : )”

“Dr. Berkowitz is the best of the best. I highly recommend him for any procedure. It’s been 7 years since I visited his office, I remember him being very professional, understanding and caring. His staff is extremely friendly and helpful. His work is perfection!

“This is a doctor with morals and a doctor you can trust!”

“Dr Berkowitz is an extremely skilled, caring and compassionate plastic surgeon who was there by my side during all my breast cancer surgeries. Unless Dr Berkowitz was in surgery, he was ALWAYS available to answer any questions and assuage any concerns I had; he even took my calls on the weekend from his home. On top of that, my reconstruction he did is amazing. He took a frightening and traumatic time in my life and made it a blessing. I look and feel terrific. I am blessed to have such a kind and professional doctor.”

“I wanted to update my profile to the most important surgery I have had by Dr. Berkowitz which is my nose a rhinoplasty. When I was younger my nose was not an issue I rather liked it however, as I aged it seemed like as soon as I turned 40 every year my nose would slightly look larger & wider. Oh no!! an aging nose I thought what to do. I have trusted Dr. Berkowitz with my other surgeries therefore, I started to research rhinoplasty which I learned that Dr. Berkowitz is a member of the Rhinoplasty Society. Which is a very prestigious group of Board Certified Plastic Surgeon’s that have to be the best of the best in doing Rhinoplasties to become a member of the Rhinoplasty Society, in the entire United States there are only 20 something members not many when you think of all the Plastic Surgeon’s there are in the U.S. Dr. Berkowitz is in an elite group that have done hundred’s of rhinoplasty in their career the nose for a surgeon takes skill which Dr. Berkowitz is always up for a challenge that only a surgeon of his superior skill can make it seem effortless. My nose is beautiful. Most interesting is Dr. Berkowitz does not use those barbaric rhinoplasty tools Dr. Berkowitz has tools that fit modern day that can create the most beautiful nose ever. Dr. Berkowitz is the most humble surgeon I have every encountered he gets the most amazing results & always continues to learn & research new technologies to assist in obtaining the best result for everyone. I have the most beautiful, natural nose. Best Rhinoplasty I could have ever hoped for!!! Thank you Dr. Berkowitz.”

“I’ve decided to write this review because the experience I had was so amazing it needed to be said. This year I made the decision that I would explore my options for plastic surgery. I realize age is inevitable but I wanted to find a way to refresh myself. I was so tired of people telling me how tired I looked.

“With many options for surgeons, I went to Dr. Berkowitz who came highly recommended by a friend. My initial consultation was done by Dr. Berkowitz and his nurse Virginia. I was so impressed with how much time they took to answer all of my questions and concerns. They absolutely exceeded my expectations by providing me all the information to make an informed decision. After much thought, I decided to have a neck lift and an endoscopic brow lift.

“The morning of my surgery I checked in with Dr. Berkowitz’s nurse Cecilia who was so kind and informative. She told me exactly what to expect before and after the surgery while calming all my nerves. Dr. Berkowitz came in the room to do his necessary markings while also reassuring me how smooth everything would go. When I woke up, I was comforted by his other nurse Sabrina who demonstrated extraordinary patient care. She was so compassionate and nurturing during recovery. At that moment, I felt so glad to be in their care.

“I was told to expect a reasonable amount of pain based on the complexity of my surgeries. As a result I kept waiting for the pain to kick in where I would need to take my pain medication and the pain never came. I was absolutely shocked as to how little discomfort I experienced. Even more so I could not have been happier with the results. I still looked like myself, but a much improved self. I am so happy with my decision to improve myself and I urge anyone considering plastic surgery to visit Dr. Berkowitz’s office for a consultation.”

– Clay

“I’m a little late in writing this but that in no way diminishes the excellent care and professionalism Dr. Berkowitz and his staff showed us when my wife went in for her procedure around X-mas.

“The reason we considered Dr. Berkowitz were the strong referral’s we heard from everyone we talked to in Los Gatos. From the first office visit, Dr. Berkowitz explained everything related to the procedure in great detail, both pro and con, and actually spent as much time as needed in order to answer our questions, something that is rare to find in the medical field today. His extensive experience, ethical approach and his down to earth manner put us at ease and made us feel like we were his only patient. Reminded me of how my father, a prominent plastic surgeon in the Northeast, treats his patients. We also liked the fact that the procedure was done in his office in his fully equipped operating room which we toured before making our decision.

“Finally, the staff was, and continues to be, one of the most helpful I’ve ever seen. My wife and I are extremely happy with the results and highly recommend Dr. Berkowitz and his team to anyone considering a plastic surgeon.”

– Bob

“One of the best Medical professionals i have seen in my life!

“Most comments out here are made about his cosmetic procedures and maximum number of them seem very impressed by his work and ethics.

“I am writing this review to explain about how great a surgeon he is for cases that are not entirely cosmetic … birth defects like cleft lip and cleft palate.

“My daughter, Evania, was born on February 3rd 2012 with a severe cleft lip and palate. I actually found out that she was going to be born with this condition when she was still in my womb. I was referred to Dr Berkowitz by my OBGYN. I consulted with him the very week I was informed about my daughter’s condition. The first time i saw this man I knew he had to be God sent. He spoke with a certain conviction and an unfailing attitude. He said he will fix her and she will be beautiful and i would never have to worry about how the world will look at her.

“Fast forwarding to today…

“He has performed three surgeries till date on my little angel. The most recent one was to fix her palate. The outcome of the surgery was phenomenal. We have more surgeries. He has done a great job, he has been extremely patient with me, I am a very anxious and paranoid mother… He has followed up to see how my daughter was doing after surgery and he has shown genuine concern about her.”

– Jennifer

“AMAZING! This man is brilliant. He knew exactly what I was going for and the results were spectacular. He is a board certified surgeon and has his own operating room in his office-which is hard to find.

“The nurses are all wonderful and answered ALL my questions. Every time I came in for a checkup, they were very patient and took the tine to answer my questions.

“I would recommend this DR to anyone wanting plastic surgery in the Silicon Valley!

“Thank you Dr B!”

– Brittany

“Dr. Berkowitz listened to me. He gave me the nose that I wanted, not the artificial puppet nose that my girlfriends got in San Francisco. He is a true artist. His genuine, friendly nature made me feel comfortable from the very beginning. If being happy rates 5 stars, I would give Dr. Berkowitz 10…”

– Sofia

“Actually … Dr. Berkowitz deserves more than five stars. He is amazing! I hardly ever write a review, but my experience with this office has been so above and beyond that I decided to share! I have been going to Dr. Berkowitz and agree he is the best and most honest plastic surgeon I have met with. He studies your face and he gives you realistic expectations and exceeds those. He looks at your body and can sculpt it to perfection, Not to mention that he is one of the best to “go to” for breast implants (he can literally do it with his eyes close, since he has done a million of them) . And yep, I’ve done it all and am super happy! I recommend him all the time to friends and family. Lastly, He is well worth the investment and never tries to push you into anything. He is my guy!”

– Nikki

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