Medical Arts Surgical Suite

Dr. R. Laurence Berkowitz’s surgical practice is equipped with a leading-edge medical arts surgical suite. Constructed in 2003, our surgical suite is a single-room operating facility, used exclusively for our plastic surgery procedures.

Meeting Our Patients’ Needs

In the past, Dr. Berkowitz treated patients in a public surgical center used by several different surgeons. However, this created scheduling conflicts for our patients and made it difficult to ensure our patients’ privacy, given the number of individuals from other physicians’ practices who were also being treated at the same facility.

Thus, we conceived of having our own medical arts surgical suite in order to meet the needs of our patients and exceed their expectations.

Thanks to the surgical facility, we can offer our patients a range of convenient appointment times for surgery, because the medical arts surgical suite is used exclusively for our patients.

In addition, we crafted the design for our state-of-the-art surgical suite while keeping in mind our ideal requirements for patients undergoing elective surgical procedures. Hence, the floor plan of our medical arts surgical suite allows for highly personalized and private patient care. Only one patient is ever present in the surgical suite at a time, so we can provide that patient with attentive care and total privacy.

Finally, our medical arts surgical suite is staffed with licensed, knowledgeable medical doctors and registered nurses who specialize in plastic surgery treatment and care. We also have surgical technicians present to assist the physician and nurse for enhanced patient care.

Advanced Technology

Our medical arts surgical suite is furnished with technologically advanced Stryker Medical equipment with voice activation. Technological advancements, such as voice activation, are integrated into our surgical instruments, including the lights and cameras used in endoscopic procedures, whenever possible. This allows us to deliver the most advanced endoscopic surgical care when performing breast augmentation, brow lift and mid-facelift surgery as well as certain types of abdominoplasty.

Utmost Safety

We take every precaution available to ensure our medical arts surgical suite is clean, sterile and safe. The building materials in the surgical suite — smooth tiled surfaces, wainscoting and rubber flooring in the operating room — allow for meticulous cleaning and added safety. Additionally, we utilize the Steris system to clean instruments thoroughly before sterilizing them with steam.

Highest-Quality Standards

In building our operating room, Stryker Medical adhered to the same first-rate safety and equipment standards that hospital operating rooms follow. In fact, our medical arts surgical suite is certified by the American Association of Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgical Facilities (AAAASF), a nationally recognized organization providing accreditation for surgical centers. AAAASF thoroughly examined our facility and management systems before granting accreditation to our medical arts surgical suite.

For more information about our sophisticated medical arts surgical center or to schedule a consultation with Dr. Berkowitz, please contact his practice by calling (408) 559-7177 today.